Trauma Therapy Intensives:

Dive Deep Into the Unfinished Business

I offer intensive therapy in half-day, full-day, and multi-day increments to clients who are or will be physically located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Florida during the retreat days. Some preparation and screening is required before scheduling intensive days.  

An intensive may include:
  • Stabilization and grounding
  • Attachment work
  • Clarifying goals and removing blocks to visualizing goals
  • Targeting a specific trigger to work on
  • Targeting a specific subset of memories to work on
  • Working on intergenerational trauma
  • Processing with EMDR, Progressive Counting, Ego State Parts work (like IFS and Meeting Place), Brainspotting, and EFT tapping
I currently offer intensives over HIPPA-compliant telehealth video. Intensives are not covered by insurance at this time.

Please contact me at intergenerational . therapy at gmail for more information, letting me know what state you will be physically located in for the intensive work, and whether you have done memory reprocessing or other types of therapy before.

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