Danielle Lenhard

Trauma Therapist/Art Historian/Consultant


Danielle Lenhard is an intergenerational trauma specialist, consultant, and writer. She helps people process the unfinished business in their nervous systems. She writes nonfiction and fiction, most recently about Fragonard's Le Verrou and libertine art in the 18th century. She is also writing a memoir.
Danielle maintains a private therapy practice in Massachusetts, and is also licensed in RI, and in FL by telehealth only. She is available for consultation for fellow practitioners on processing intergenerational trauma. She consults on select video editing and writing projects.  She offers general consultation for fellow therapists internationally.
In her private practice, Danielle uses a combination of memory reprocessing and ego state methods, including EMDR, IFS, EFT tapping, Progressive Counting, and Brainspotting.
More information coming on select projects: 
As a writer, she is seeking representation for her art historical monograph on the hidden imagery in Fragonard's Le Verrou, as well as for her memoir on healing from a murder in her family. She is open to work offers for exquisite voiceover gigs.


Danielle Lenhard, PhD, LICSW

Intergenerational.Therapy at gmail.com


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