What do Wonder Woman, Back to the Future, and It's a Wonderful Life have to do with therapy? 

When you go back in time and stop the war, when you fight the bullies, when you interrupt cycles of oppression and poverty and abuse, when you make it so your parents never met, when you see how the world would look if you had never been born, you create real change in your brain.

Therapy today can be exciting, empowering, and create real change, not just in your brain, but in your life. When most of what's stuck can be traced back along the generational line...what are you carrying that's not even yours?

Are you ready to go back in time and fight the bad guys?

Schedule a 60- or 90-minute consult* today for a full-day or multi-day intensive with EMDR and other cutting edge trauma-processing methods.

*Psychotherapy provided for clients who reside or are physically located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Florida. General consults for practitioners and others who want to consult on a case are available world-wide.


Danielle Lenhard, PhD, LICSW

Intergenerational.Therapy at gmail.com


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